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Aloe Nomu

Aloe Nomu

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Aloe Nomu is a super stretchy, poppy, water jelly (not to be confused with a water slime, this is like a K-clear). It comes with hand made "aloe" pieces that you can keep whole or crush if you desire. 

The name derives from one of Japan's versions of an aloe drink; "nomu" meaning literally to drink, it's still often used to replace the noun for drink "nomimono".

Available in two sizes, and with the option to add ice cube charms.

Rating: scent-B4, texture-2


*please note:

During the summer months, slimes may get tacky or start to melt during transit. Faster shipping is recommended during these times.

When you receive your slimes, please put them in the refrigerator for around an hour to help decrease melting, and scan the QR code on your card to be taken to the slime care page for detailed instructions on how to care for your slime and reactive if needed.


All slimes may contain: PVA glue, sodium borate, mica powdered pigments, liquid watercolor, gel food coloring, glitter, vegetable glycerin, clay, mineral oil, silica, essential oils, natural scents, and various add-ins per slime. Please shop mindfully.

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**Please see care page for care instructions

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