Haru Honey

handcrafted products, meant to share a sensory experience with our customers, while being mindful of those who experience them differently

  • Sustainability

    Embracing eco-conscious practices, our shop is committed to sustainability. We prioritize recycled materials, ensuring our products embody both quality and environmental responsibility. Explore our dedication to reducing waste, with informative resources on proper polypropylene jar recycling- found on the slime care page.

  • Outreach

    We commit to social responsibility by dedicating select products to charitable causes. Profits from these items are entirely donated to chosen charities. Explore the product pages and our social media for educational insights, fostering awareness, and collective impact in our commitment to making a positive difference.

  • Accessibility

    As a proudly queer, autistic-owned business, inclusivity is at our core. Our products are crafted with detailed scent and texture ratings, catering to those with Sensory Processing Differences, and showcasing our commitment to a neuroaffirming experience. Explore our diverse offerings, including year-round pride-themed products.