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Haru Honey slimes



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Inspired by the Japanese agar candy, Kohakutou is a mochi slime with a heavily pigmented, gold/white shimmery base and comes with three assorted "candy" wax pieces in various colors (8 variants). Total of 9 oz of slime once the icee is added.

Scented real lemon, sugar, fresh peaches, wild honeysuckle, yuzu

Rating: scent-B/F2.5, texture-4


*please note:

Since all wax pieces are made to order, please understand that processing time is extended.

While everything is packed as cushioned as possible, wax topper may crack during transit.

During the summer months, slimes may get tacky or start to melt during transit. Faster shipping is recommended during these times.

When you receive your slimes, please put them in the refrigerator for around an hour to help decrease melting, and scan the QR code on your card to be taken to the slime care page for detailed instructions on how to care for your slime and reactive if needed.


All slimes may contain: PVA glue, sodiumborate, mica powdered pigments, liquid watercolor, gel food coloring, glitter, vegetable glycerin, clay, mineral oil, silica, essential oils, natural scents, and various add-ins per slime. Please shop mindfully.

Shipping & Returns

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All products much be unopened and in the condition they arrived in to be elligible for returns.

Care Instructions

**Please see care page for care instructions

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Sensory ratings

This chart catagorizes the scent and texture ratings of the slimes so you can find something that suits your sensory needs.

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As slime is a consumable product, for sanitary purposes, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please contact us if there is an issue with your order.